Catch Us On


Here at TackleHackTM, we’ve got a few laws of the land. Follow them, and we’ll get along just fine.

First, no guns or ammunition are allowed on our platform. If you try to sell one, your listing will be taken down and you will not get a refund on any violation.

Second, returns are between the customer and the seller. If you can’t resolve the issue, we’ll do our best to help. Send a message to us explaining the problem, the parties and products involved, and anything else we need to assess the situation. Then, help us prevent difficult situations from arising in the future by leaving reviews based on the quality of products you purchase and the professionalism of the seller you buy from.

To keep TackleHackTM a fun and useful place for our users, uncooperative members will have their accounts removed. For a more in-depth look at how we run things, check out our policies page here.

Handcrafted Secret Weapons

The site will be filled by products that are either custom manufactured by the community of users, or by products the members are re-selling. Re-sell products can be used or new items that a user is trying to liquidate.

Build Your Own Way

Each member will have his or her own account that’s either a personal account or an account tailored to represent his or her company. Users will then post their products for sell and other members of the community can choose to purchase those products.

Terms and conditions