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Tree Seed Pens


According to the EPA, Americans throw away 1.6 billion disposable pens every year. Here at Tree of the Field, we wondered if there was a way to reduce the impact that ink pens have on our environment. Our green solution to this problem? The Tree Seed Pen© (patent pending)

The Tree Seed Pen © uses two thirds less plastic than a traditional pen. The biodegradable barrel is made of recycled material, with at viable tree seed embedded in the side. A view of the tree seed is available through a tiny label window on each pen.

After the pen has served you well, the Tree Seed Pen © can be used to plant a tree. Simply remove the plastic parts and  place the full cardboard pen barrel into the soil. A tree seed is planted, the barrel will decompose and feed the tiny seedling. The Tree Seed Pen helps us  avoided depositing more plastic in our landfills while also planting a new source of life.

The Tree Seed Pen © features a viable seed from the Eastern Redbud tree or the Eastern Hemlock tree, the American Sweetgum tree or the Black Cherry.  All of our seeds are indigenous to Kentucky and grow well in most of the United States.

At Tree Of The Field, we are committed to environmental stewardship. By developing annually renewable solutions and looking at common consumer goods from new perspectives, we believe that some of our very small ideas can have a big impact on our world.


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