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Rack One Rut Fuel 5 Lbs. Bag


Whitetails across North America can’t resist the urge to devour our premium hunt season attractant. Whether you are pouring it directly on the ground or mixing it in spin cast or trough-style feeders, your deer will be on this stuff like a hobo on a ham sandwich. If it gets wet, it may crust over, but deer will still devour it. What’s that mean for you? Break out the fine china and heat up the grill baby, we’re having tenderloin tonight!

HUNT: The final phase of the Rack One system is a scientifically proven premium attraction to bring that buck of a lifetime in range.

DESIGN: Helps big bucks and doe sustain during a time when food is the last thing on their mind.

BLEND MIX: Corn, oats and three variations of soybeans are combined with sweet tasting and the long range aroma of molasses keeping your herd nearby.

DEVOUR IT: May crust over or gets wet the deer will still eat it.

USAGE: Late fall and winter.


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