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Rack One Amped 5 Lbs. Bag


Have you ever had a hard time gettin’ pics of that Booner your buddy swears he saw? We’re here to fix that. Amped was designed to drag those gaggers out of the woodwork and put ’em where you want ‘em…right in front of your trail camera. When using Amped, pick a spot about 15 feet in front of your trail cam and spread the entire jug around on the ground. If you really want to up your chances of seeing those bruisers, refresh your scout site every time you head in to change your batteries/memory card. Hang in there…hunting season is almost here.

SCOUT: Formulated for antler growth and powerful attraction to get those legendary bucks in camera range

DESIGN: The formula is made for whitetail to crave

BLEND MIX: Packed full with real corn, soybeans, rice bran, processed grains, artificial flavoring and natural/artificial color to draw the herd near and keep them healthy.

NUTRITION: Delivers the optimum nutrition for each phase; Minimum of 20% Protein, 8% Fat and max of 7% Fiber

USAGE: Late summer and early winter

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