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FiberFlame Fire Logs


Fiber Flame Fire Fuel Logs burn hotter and cleaner than fire wood. The BTU of firewood is 4500, whereas the BTU of Fiber Flame Fire Fuel Logs is 7500.
Fiber Flame Fire Fuel logs are manufactured fire logs that are made of annually renewable crop material instead of forest products. Why burn a tree that grows for 60 years, when a superior fire can be achieved by using a crop material that grows in 1 summer? Fiber Flame logs are so efficient they radiate more heat than kiln dried fire wood and the green sourcing of the raw material creates the most environmentally positive fire log, on earth.

This extraordinary capacity has also been illustrated with the recognition that an acre of Kenaf removes more CO2 from the air, than an acre of Rain Forest.

The growing Kenaf crop cleans the air that we breathe and the manufactured Fiber Flame fire fuel log is a carbon neutral heat source. There are no crop or manufacturing by products that enter the streams and water ways. Forest vulnerability introduced by fire wood moving activity is avoided because Kenaf does not transfer these diseases.

Fiber Flame Fire Fuel logs are all natural. They do not contain any chemical additives. Heat and pressure form the logs without the addition of oils or waxes. Only the pure, natural lignins in the Kenaf plant function as binding agents and since burning Kenaf produces so much energy, the processing machinery that forms the Fiber Flame logs can actually burn Kenaf as its energy source for production. The growing of Kenaf to make Fiber Flame Fire Fuel logs is an example of a closed micro-energy cycle.

Fiber Flame logs are processed using a patented system to form the extruded logs that do not expand during burning, like most other manufactured logs. Fiber Flame logs hold their shape and burn more completely and cleanly, leaving only a very small amount of fine ash deposit.

Fiber Flame Fire Fuel logs provide an extraordinarily green alternative to forest products. They produce heat while reducing the use of fossil fuels, the crop provides an alternative to the destruction of natural hardwood forests, while encouraging the growth of a crop that removes CO2 from our air. The finished product is a superior fire fuel log that is completely natural, renewable resource.

Try Fiber Flame logs as a fire fuel or as a heat boosting additive used with traditional firewood. At Tree Of The Field, we are proud to produce green energy from the heart of coal country.


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