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How Hunting & Supporting Small Businesses Go Hand In Hand

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It takes a lot for me to sit down and write. I even struggle with trying to craft a tweet. This just isn’t my thing. Nothing against those who love writing, but I’d rather be outside hunting or fishing. 

However, today isn’t a normal day.

Today, it’s more important for me to share something meaningful with you. I need to tell you how we’re helping the small businesses within our own community, and how you can help us make that possible.

I’m Adam, the founder and CEO of TackleHack, an early-stage startup that brings together the best handmade products for sportsmen and women just like you. 

I also happen to love fishing and hunting! Truthfully, I love everything to do with outdoor sports—it feeds my soul. I created TackleHack because I knew that other people needed to know about superior, handmade products that are made by craftsmen that love the sport as much as I do.

The world is shifting. In a lot of ways, this shift was coming before COVID-19; brick and mortar stores were already losing market share to e-commerce and large online retailers, and more and more work was already being done online and remotely. COVID-19 has simply exploited these trends and accelerated them. 

I don’t want this to seem like I’m oversimplifying it—I’m not. I just want to encourage you to get out and enjoy the outdoors because the world hasn’t changed as much as it seems. 

Small companies and individual makers are feeling the shift to online shopping and remote work much more than large corporations. That’s why TackleHack is proud to support small-batch companies and individual makers of outdoor gear.

We’re glad we can provide a way for entrepreneurs to continue getting their products in front of outdoor enthusiasts during the age of social distancing.

We have decided to wave 100% of our costs for all small businesses and craftsmen to create a store on our platform. No monthly fees; the only fees they pay are the ones directly related to the credit card services fees charged by the bank. 

woman fly fishing catching rainbow trout

Yes, we are running our business with no profit for the next six months just so we can help the small businesses we work with and serve.

Now is a great time to support these small business owners by purchasing their products. You can buy something for yourself now and use it if you’re lucky enough to do so, or you can save it for when your state allows you to get out and enjoy your sport of choice. 

This is the support that small businesses need, and you can help them stay in business so they can keep making these superior products we know you’ll love using. Even if buying something isn’t right for you, it also helps if you come check out the website and do a little “window shopping”—this helps us too.

Products are being added all the time, so don’t forget to come back often!

I encourage you to get outside, practice social distancing, and enjoy the fresh air. If you need some gear, avoid the stores and support small companies and individuals by shopping with TackleHack online.

Like most of you, I’ve been maintaining social distance and trying my best to help flatten the curve and do my civic duty to keep those at higher risk safe and healthy. That just means that I’m fishing locally by myself instead of going out with my buddies.

I know the majority of your parks, rivers, lakes, and access points to the outdoors have been closed just like everything else. I’m not here to tell you to break the law or go against sound health advice; I just want to encourage you to be smart about your choices and pursue the outdoors solo.

You don’t have to go to the park to hike a trail, and you don’t have to fish a bass tournament to go fishing. Find a pond or a stream and wet a line alone. Do your mind and body a favor and get some fresh air. 

By finding those secluded spots to fish, you’ll often find water that isn’t as heavily pressured as your typical public water; in turn, you are likely to have more success than you typically do.
These successes will keep your mind healthy while we wait this virus out. Your support of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs can spread that peace of mind to others in your community. Together, we can get through this.