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What is TackleHack™?

TackleHack™ is the answer to the question: “Why hasn’t anyone made a site for buying and selling small-batch and custom outdoor gear, yet?”

Well, here we are. Welcome to the first-ever e-commerce marketplace dedicated solely to small-batch and custom outdoor gear.

We make finding and purchasing handcrafted tackle as easy and stress-free as a day at the lake.

So, how is this different from Bass Pro Shops, eBay, Amazon, etc.?

Bass Pro Shops said they were “too small” and “didn’t produce enough” to sell in their stores.

Amazon banned them for violating their misleading or downright contradictory terms and services.

eBay’s fees were waaaaay too high for it to be worth their time.

Buying from a private sites/social media pages comes with lots of payment security issues.

We have heard dozens of reasons why small batch tackle manufacturers have had a hard time selling their products online.

But no worries. We at TackleHack™ embrace our “mom and pop” vendors with open arms by offering:

1) Pricing plans and listing fees that are way less than all other online marketplaces. No joke.

2) Products made by outdoorsman for outdoorsman (You don’t really want to sell your products under the same roof as handmade mango-scented candles, do you?)

3) No minimum or maximum limit to the number of products needed to sell. (Just a few small lures to sell? No problemo!)

4) No bans for selling your hunting knives, gun accessories, or crossbows. (See our terms and conditions here)

5) A super secure payment gateway in Stripe (https://stripe.com/), which handles billions of dollars in transactions a year, including for companies such as Under Armor, Zillow, and Lyft.

Who is selling on TackleHack™?

That guy down the street you always see with his garage door open, cranking George Straight tunes while he hand paints fishing lures.

Deborah from Human Resources who uses her lunch breaks to check in on that high-protein deer feed side business of hers.

Your Uncle Jim. You know, the one who at every Christmas gathering talks nonstop about that crazy big harvest he got last month? Yeah, he’s been handcrafting turkey calls in his shed for years.

The vendors that come here spend many hours creating the quality tackle they love to make.  They’re products made by outdoorsmen, for outdoorsmen.

From individuals who craft fishing rods in their spare time to those running full time tackle businesses, TackleHack™ is the only one-stop-shop place on the web where custom vendors can showcase these often hard to find products for the entire outdoor community to finally see and purchase.

Were you really started by a fisherman?

Yep. We sure were. And he is mighty proud to take on the large task of finally offering this service that he wishes would have been around years ago. 

To read about his journey and how TackleHack™ got started, go here.

Orders and Returns

Both are handled by the seller and customer.  If a consumer is unhappy about a product, service, or delivery, they can message the seller directly to resolve the issue. If a resolution fails, a member of the TackleHack™ team with step in to assess and resolve the issue.

What about the shipping part, who does that?

TackleHack™ is a marketplace platform only; meaning we don’t have a warehouse or store items. We simply are offering the platform for commerce to happen, so each vendor is responsible for shipping purchased items directly to the consumer.

Can I use PayPal or any other payment gateway other than Stripe?

No. And that is because we believe in two very important qualities from a payment gateway here: high security and low fees.

We researched every payment gateway company out there, PayPal and beyond.

Believe me, it took a lot of time. But in the end we found that PayPal has had both security issues related to occasional fraudulent charges as well as higher fees than the provider we liked best, Stripe.  With Stripe, your transactions are secure and your wallet is thicker.

It was a no brainer.

For more on Stripe, visit them here.


When you are all done loading up on fishing lures and ready to checkout, you’ll be directed through our payment process, which is also powered by Stripe. They represent over a million businesses, and are as safe and secure as they come, plus they accept all major credit and debit cards.

Once the transaction is complete, payments are held as Stripe and the credit card companies get into the nitty gritty of determining whether it was a fraudulent charge or not.  Once approved, the money will instantly be transferred.


Products on the site are often custom made to order and sellers are responsible for shipping the products they sell. This means delivery times will vary per manufacturer. With that said, we do our best to ensure manufacturers ship items on a timely basis.

To make the process a smooth as a catfish’s belly, after check out, use the “Ask a Question” tab to contact the seller with any questions related to shipping or to add any delivery specifications you may want them to be aware of.

If for some reason a seller and buyer can’t resolve an issue or conflict amongst themselves, they can contact our customer service team at cs@tacklehack.com and we will get right on it, promise.  

Are you letting people buy and sell guns and ammunition?

Absolutely not.

There are a host of legal reasons why it is not in our best interest to allow gun sales.

First, while the law basically says it is legal to sell guns online, the transfer of the firearms must be made in person. And that’s just not a feasible option for what we are trying to do here.

Furthermore, when you mix federal regulations with state-by-state laws, things get complicated, messy, and not an avenue we want to go down.

At the bottom of this page is a list of what TackleHack™ considers firearms, and therefore banned for selling and purchasing on our site.

Firearm accessories (i.e. straps, cases, sights, etc) of course, are always welcome to be sold!

For a list of firearm accessories NOT permitted for sale, visit here:

NOTICE: Any vendor caught selling guns or ammunition will have their TackleHack™ store taken down, IP address permanently banned from the site, and all their information will be turned to over to law enforcement.  We are serious.  

Okay, okay, we got it. No guns or ammo. But what about bows and arrows?

Unlike firearms, selling or possessing archery equipment (including crossbows and arrows) does not require a permit under US law. It is legal and as straightforward as selling a turkey call or spinner bait, so post on!

Privacy and Security

We use Stripe. It’s the best gateway that not only offers the lowest transaction fees around, but it also ensures super safe and speedy transactions. Did we mention you can buy and sell globally, too? Well, you can. No more buying your custom gear off a random Instagram or Facebook store and worrying who that is on the other end.

Reporting a Violation or Site Problem

Okay, first thing is first. Please keep in mind we are a new company trying to revolutionize the hunting and fishing commerce industry here. We took a lot of time off from the lake this past year (honestly can’t remember the last time we did that) to work tirelessly on making this site.

With that said, we know there are likely to be some bugs or glitches in the beginning. Therefore, if you come across any selling violations, problems with site functionality, or want to give us any feedback on services you would like to see us offer, please to let us know at cs@tacklehack.com and our crack customer service team we will get on it! 

Seriously, your input means everything to us, and we thank you in advance for it.

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Have a product you want us to feature on our social media platform?

Wanna chat about what Lake is best to fish for Large Mouth?

Shoot us an email with your contact info and let’s talk! cs@tacklehack.com

*List of Banned Firearms (DO NOT Try to Sell These)

·  Rifles

·  Shotguns

·  Machine guns

·  Handguns

·  Pistols

·  Revolvers

·  Firearm receivers

·  Antique guns

·  Black powder firearms

·  Muzzle-loading firearms

·  BB guns

·  Airsoft guns

·  Air guns

·  Air rifles

·  Paintball markers

·  Firearm replicas

·  Non-functioning firearms

· Ammunition components, such as blanks, bullets, bullet tips, casings, gun powder, primers, and shotgun shells.